You will not regret it for a honeymoon 8places

Couples who have married pretty sure that novice really want to spend somewhere to relax, as well as increasing the memories together, the starting point of your life either.Do not let you down even if to much spend for these 8 resort to honeymoon.Via:The Bnews

8 Napa valley It has a restaurant, the world’s most renowned wine and spa honeymoon needs.

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7 (Zimbabwe)For those who prefer adventure travel Zimbabwe has the most beautiful waterfalls.


6 St. Bart For entertainment you want to travel by boat on transparent blue waters and white sand beautiful this place to be the most suitable place for you.


5 (Hawaiian Island) is a paradise of white beaches with high valley and tropical forest, which is a beautiful place for a honeymoon.


4 Along Turkey’s Aegean coast, Bodrum resort where Sail players from around the world Close to the ancient temples Ephesus, which is the region’s history.


3 Nicaragua park offers you many natural categories, In addition, living in wildlife and luxury resorts. Stretches from the mountains to the coastal areas and rainforest.


2 Bora Bora resort along the coast of French Polynesia in the country as a good place for your honeymoon for several years, and also a place for divers to see the landscape beneath the sea surface.


1 Phuket, Thailand is a beautiful coastal green with nature and where there are very beautiful sunset, Southeast Asia is a popular place right now.


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