Word will pass away in 3797

Blind seer of Bulgarian named Baba Vanga, who died in 1996 at the age of 85 years have made millions of people were surprised that before he died, he compiled some documents related to the existence world, Meanwhile, he also can see air attack hit the Twin Towers (World Trade Center) in the 2001, tsunami disaster that occurred in 2004. Moreover, he also predicted that there will be a group of Islamic terrorists savage called (ISIS), making people around the world were surprised because his prophecies are seers.
2016: Muslim will invade the continental European makes the continent no longer had to master the self, reviving the campaign against widely for many years volatile causing many people forced to leave, making the continent as a whole almost become desertification.
2023: Journey of the Earth has changed and there are irregularities (No one can explain this phenomenon.)
2025: population in Europe will reach the lowest level almost equal to zero.
2028: The people will fly to Mars (Venus) to seek new energy sources.
2033: The global water level will rise significantly because of melting ice at the poles (it is observed that they have seen happen in now).
2043: The whole of Europe will become Islamic state Rome will become the capital, and world economic will be under the control of Islamic.
2066: The United States will use the Christian religion as an excuse to fight Rome capital.
2076: Europeans and people around the world will turn attention to the Communist era.
2084: Natural has happened again, but no one knows why.
2,130: aliens will come down and help people to live in the water for avoid disaster.
2170: A huge disaster of drought will hit the earth.
2187: Scientist found a way to stop a massive volcanic explosion.
2201: The temperature of earth will decline due to loss of sunlight.
3005: War broke off the planet (Mars), causing a drastic impact on the other planets.
3797: All every things on earth will pass away, but then the scientist will be able to develop technologies that can offer people to another planet.

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