What more beautiful city in the world?

The Cleanest City in The World Some familiar fans, some fans are not familiar. So we Bring fans to the beautiful city known around the world as follows.
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1 The city of Calgary, Canada
A city that ranks as the most beautiful city in the world, the Canadian city of Calgary. Be able to maintain the environmental balance every season offers attractive to residents and visitors from around the world.

2 Adelaide, Australia
.It is a city that has a parking garage with wide boulevards have the best education system in the processing method of waste. South Australia has become a beautiful city and the most hygienic ranked No. 2 in the world.

3 Honolulu, Hawaii
Natural beauty, green island beautiful environment great tide of the Pacific Ocean good order And a tourist paradise on the ground.

4 US city of Minneapolis
The Mississippi River and the beautiful environment with the attractions of other people’s travel system that makes this city a top city and regional tourist attraction today.

5 Kobe, Japan
Its people highly value on the natural environment and with a covered waste management systems which make the city clean. Kobe City’s top 10 cities in the world.

6 Copenhagen, Denmark
.It has a beautiful landscape with many temples and palaces. A tourist area due to its government and citizens together, regular maintenance and environmental cleanup.

7 Wellington, New Zealand
Mountain areas highlighted by Natural Light Green Sea beach and amazing mazes Most Beautiful City ranked 7th in the world, the environment and atmosphere of pure.

8 Helsinki, Finland
Landscape and buildings that are standing vineyard this is a collection in the field of education, culture, economy, politics and research centers.

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