Want to go to study at South Korea should choose the 10 best universities

South Korea is very famous in the field of art, music and film are full of talented artists get proper training from various schools in the country. Meanwhile, South Korea’s education sector also is famous defies Western countries. For students who wish to study in South Korea can select these top universities.Via:the Bnews
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10 Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology
Located in the South Korean city of Gwangju University was established in 1993, Was rated as the best university 10th.


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9 Ewha Womans University
Located in Seoul, the University established in 1886, Although the oldest old University ranked 9th.


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8 Hanyang University
Located in Seoul, Hanyang was established in 1939. 8th ranked as the best university in Korea.


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7 Kyungpook National University
Located in the city of Daegu Gyeongbuk Province, In 1946, years after World War 2 is completed 7th ranked.


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6 Sungkyunkwan University
Based in Seoul and Suwon, Creating for the first time in 1398, 6th ranked country’s best universities.


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5 Yonsei University
Located in Seoul, Yonsei University, founded in 1957 Best ranked 5th in the country.


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4 Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Founded in 1971 in the central city of Daejeon Seoul. This University was ranked 4th.


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3 Pohang University of Science and Technology
Located in the city of Pohang North Gyeongsang Province, South Korea. Founded in 1986,
Ranked No. 3 country’s best universities.



2 Korea University
Located in Seoul, the University ranked second best in Korea. Established since 1905, it has been created.



1 Seoul National University
University In Seoul, capital of South Korea is currently at the top the country’s best universities.


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