Vicious animals in the Amazon rainforest may you die suddenly

Amazon forest stretches over an area of more than 6.9 million square kilometers of the Sanctuary clear that they never or rarely experienced in other areas. Wild and rich variety of animals and is also rich in rare animals or monsters on the planet.
They research in the rain forest type plants new 637 categories – fish 257 types – Fisheries Matt athletes animals (living in water also mainland also) 216 type – reptiles, 55 types – 16 types of bird and mammal (breast-feeding) 39 categories. Why have rich biodiversity in the Amazon rain forest make it better for the animals.
In the Amazon jungle, where silence filled with the most pure natural environment can not grafted with people like livestock. If you mistakenly went to the deep forest area without protective clothing or weapons could face life danger. Here are 8 animal species found in the Amazon jungle, and that can be harmful If it attacks.Via:The Bnews
1 Black Caiman
Black Caiman all kinds of animals as its food without discrimination small thing at all. Animal bite it was dragged into the water and even animals like snakes, so until fracture crushing.


2 fish(Arapaima)
First, its scales iron second heavy weight equivalent weight of a motorcycle and third wash its strong collision. Even fish (Piranha) also fear the fish until their evacuation out to fish in any area.


3.snake venom Fer-de-lance
Some call this snake, snake bite 3 steps, means that steps can be a snake bite torn immediately if you have a strong energy can walk only a few steps and fell to the ground and died alone.



4.poison frog
For Golden poison dart frog poison frog, it will immediately limb fatigue symptoms pulse and unconscious and bleeding from the hair in the body stop process.


5.The spider venom
When this spider bites, people will no longer active because the muscles no longer function. And people no longer breathing and died. Or from this spider is different from other types because it is not enclosed mesh or dig tunnels anything.


6.giant ants
If the ants bite is very cruel venom is like walking on coals likewise. who used to be ants bite like a bullet pierced the flesh. Ants a head down until a lot of ants or nests gang bite is certainly no way to live.


7.Giant bedbugs
Venomous animal to be killed. Also, bedbugs contain a type of bacteria causing disease Chagas.


8.The strange mosquitoes
Throughout the world there are a total of about 3,000 mosquito species. Amazon rainforest female Anopheles mosquito most harmful because mosquitoes carrying the bacteria Plasmodium falciparum. When it bites human flesh, it also releases the virus into the blood vessels and causes malaria.


Sourc:The Richest

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