Tragedy and major incident number 5 in the world has lost a large amount hall


If you look at history, you will see a man’s bitter that any danger eventually as a result, the risk of them leaving for the dead, injured will lose property hall. Here are the 5 major accidents which cause huge damage accidents were not included on terrorism, natural disasters or war.More info : The Bnews

1 Chernobyl nuclear plant explosion hazard
Chernobyl nuclear plant in Ukraine exploded on April 26, 1986. This nuclear plant explosion caused 50% of the affected Ukraine that caused 1.7 million people affected And the extent of the damage worth an estimated US $ 200 billion.

Credit photo: The Bnews


2 Dangerous Space (Shuttle Columbia) shuttle explosion
Shuttle explosion accident occurred on 01 February 2003 from the State of Louisiana and Texas by a piece of the entire vehicle is crashed into the Earth’s atmosphere and the explosion of the Columbia shuttle crew killed 7. The cost of the damage amounted to 13 billion dollars.


3 Prestige oil tanker sank in
Prestige oil tanker carrying 77 000 tonnes of oil on November 13, 2002 Erupted during the ship met with a storm in the Sea of Galicia, Spain. The sinking of the oil tanker pollution sea thousands of miles along the coast of France, Spain and Portugal, which damages worth 12 billion dollars.


4 Disaster (Space Shuttle Challenger) shuttle explosion 
After working out in just 73 seconds, along with 7 astronauts aboard NASA’s shuttle broke out on 28 January 1986. This shuttle explosion caused damage worth 5.5 billion dollars.


5 Explosion Piper Alpha oil rig 
Worker killed 167 people on July 06, 1988 in Aberdeen, northern Scotland. After the oil rig explosion has affected the oil industry worth 3.4 billion dollars.


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