To visit Australia please choose these 8 areas

The Progress country in the southern Pacific Ocean in a beautiful natural area and the city that is attractive to international tourists visiting unlimited.Therefore,Do not overlook this top 8 tourist sites.Via: The Bnews

1(Great Barrier Reef) Whitsunday
Whitsunday Island is the best place for great entertainment through diving and visit the sights. It is the habitat of animals and plants, many endangered species only.


2 (Sydney)
Harbour Bridge, Opera House Taronga Zoo and Bondi Beach is a place where visitors can not ignore, especially when University of New Year.


3 (Melbourne)
March was the best summer visiting the city of Melbourne, because it gives warmth to visitors this month. Where the famous art gallery that can attract a lot of tourist interest.


4 (Uluru)
July to September is the best time to visit (Uluru) change colors at sunrise and sunset.


5 Tasmani Islands
River, there is a thick forest with beautiful waterfalls. It’s a great place for tourists.


6 (The Great Ocean Road)
Coast is a fantastic landscape is about 250 kilometers along the southern coast of Australia, do not forget to visit this place.


7(Daintree Rainforest)
.The best there is for the love of nature and wildlife. Tourists can also taste the fruits, such as fruit, chocolate and fruit Pie.


8 (Fraser Island)
White sand and clean air make there be a paradise on earth for tourists. With an area of approximately 120 square kilometers Fraser Island, where there are beautiful beaches and rain forests with sand to improve by a lot of birds,



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