There is something wonderful! Cornell Tech academic buildings , which will become the home of the next generation of entrepreneurs

Cornell Tech academic buildings received funds from Michael Bloomberg of $ 100 million, and with the help of Qualcomm founder Irwin Jacobs including $ 133 million from other funds total as much as $ 685 million, will open in 2017. Tech will be a learning center and a place to stay in America’s next generation of entrepreneurs. Is there something wonderful of this building? Credit:
1) When the completion of the buildings constructed on an area of over 609 600 square meters, it will become a haven for graduate students, about 2,000 people.

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2 The student accommodation building is one of the tallest for 520 students stay study with a low temperature heating and cooling.
3) View the site under construction.
4) Cornell Tower Tech There is also the Jacobs Institute Technion Institute in the same premises as the building focuses on connectivity systems studies of making life more comfortable and environment.
5) Other parts of buildings, Cornell Tech, called The Bridge is used for the next generation of young entrepreneurs that everything in buildings equipped with high-tech.
6) Some parts of the building The Bridge is a place for corporate conferences with students, and a place for a number of outstanding entrepreneurs sharing knowledge.
7) View building The Bridge eastern part of the Roosevelt Island.
8) This is a model building entirely built next to the River Queen.


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