The 10 best cities in the US, where finding a good job for now

WalletHub company has done research on the city’s most popular US 150, WalletHub find the best city 10 in the US, which is the ideal place for finding employment for graduate students have work experience for existing and studies from around the world. The research conducted by the dependence on key factors such as job opportunities, job growth and the average income level with security system.Credit:TheBnew
1) The city of Plano, Texas: job growth 3.51% average income 83 697 dollars a month.
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2) Kansas City Overland Park: 0.77% job growth, average income of $ 72 231 per month.
3) The city of Austin, Texas: job growth of 0.80% of the average income 58 368 dollars a month.
4) Irving, Texas: job growth 1.03% average income 52 275 dollars a month.
5) Salt Lake City, Utah: -1.21% employment growth, average income of $ 48 552 per month.
6) Des Moines, Iowa: 4.38% job growth, average income of $ 50 467 per month.
7) Irvine, California: 1.81% job growth, average income of $ 62 372 per month.
8) Madison, Wisconsin: 3.18% job growth, average income of $ 50 405 per month.
9) The city of Sioux Falls, South Dakota: -0.84% employment growth, average income 55 965 dollars a month.
10) The city of Omaha Nebraka: -1.48% employment growth, average income 55 211 dollars a month.
Source:business insider

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