Stunning scientists recover bodies from the coffins coming home

The stunning scientists can not explain why the bodies of the dead days can emerge out of the coffin coming home usually make a lot of people terrified panic running feet up. Toraja Indonesia sorcerer made a ghost out of the coffin house since long ago.
(Toraja) an indigenous group living in the mountains of southern Sulavezy province, Indonesia. Many years ago, the area must be cut in isolation, no one arrived. Magic making bodies lay in a coffin buried underground for many days could be coming home became consecutive dialogue, because people did not get there, but when reality makes many people dispose fur hiss all. Most elderly citizens in the group must be said that the magic to recover bodies coming home, since the ancient period. At that time, the civil war between ethnic groups, Tonaja in the West with Tonaja in the east. In the West has lost in the war, and almost all were killed. Meanwhile, the team must be in the East less and bodies of the dead soldiers had been carried home villages to celebrate the tradition.

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Instead, ethnic Toraja west who defeated was killed nearly all can not carry the bodies back to the village home has recently ethnic groups that are left have used magic called ghost all that walking back home on their own. Since then, Toraja the magic ghost forever present. But now the sorcerer can do that in accordance with the request of relatives of the dead bodies. Special points of Toraja bodies, which lay in a coffin that is buried by vertical they dig rock enough for a coffin. A point that is easy to understand when traveling near cemetery stands, they do not stink bodies buried, all dry, withered. Years and recover bodies from the coffin, even pet hair, eyelashes, hair were still intact. But the face changed completely.
Scientists are invisible to find answers why sorcerer can order bodies came home on their own? Which is considered the most appropriate answer is sorcerer can use the other substances such as flour to make the resurrection of the dead in the spirit within their own house. But there are a lot of people do not approve of the above answers with just an interpretation of the scientists. Ordered the bodies coming home, only magic.
Until now, the bodies coming home on their own is still a mystery for scientists, Indonesia as well as in the whole world.

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