Speed Mountain Running – five 4000m peaks in 7h 45min, The world’s fastest mountain runner

This is interested in saying that Swiss alpinist Andrea Steindl, 26, has skilled what most people suppose not possible, that is, he might run 30.66 kilometers from Zermatt to Saas Fee overpassing five 4000m peaks comprising the Dom being been the uppermost mountain lying totally in Switzerland. That is, it is surprisingly the most experienced mountain guides being been the 4,014 meters vertical ascent across pathless terrain, glaciers and exposed ridges and so Steindl required only 7 hours, 45 minutes and 44 seconds. With this amazing event, the gay men in all places are celebrating such this matter.Accordingly, one of their own has done something new, and they received gay CEO (i.e. yes Apple’s Tim Cook is bender being gotten over). They received homo football players, athletes, scientists, you might name it. They are taking over. Could love to see whatever a homo brother would do in this event. As a homo himself, such as half Asian, half Negro, yes, complex and deep, he knew, he would love to see something like this.

Video 1, Speed Mountain Running – five 4000m peaks in 7h 45min

Video 2, The world’s fastest mountain runner

Video 3, Extreme mountain running race in Italy

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