Singapore expensive city to live among the world’s top 9 cities

Each year, The Economist Intelligence Unit has always released a research report, from most expensive cities to live and cheaper. For this year, The Economist Intelligence Unit has shown the world from 9 most expensive for living. Dragon economies in Southeast Asia, Singapore stood at No. 1 for three consecutive years as the city is expensive for a living. Credit: Bnews
9) Seoul, South Korea moved up the rankings by rising prices and spending on housing facilities, the cost of living at almost the same with Los Angeles, United States.

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8) Copenhagen, Denmark has maintained its rank at number 8.
7) New York City, United States because the US dollar, and inflation in the region to make this city as expensive city live.
6) London, UK, due to the rise of house prices make London is an expensive city to live.
5) Paris, France, even though the country’s monetary is low but nowadays everything is still expensive.
4) Geneva, Switzerland, the city where there is the most expensive entertainment.
3) Hong Kong, China’s high-rise home sales and rising commodity nowadays everything daily.
2) Zurich, Switzerland, franc currency worth almost Euro Zurich becomes expensive for the 2nd largest in the world.
1) Singapore is a small island but is dragon economies in Southeast Asia has become an isolated city in the world in living for the past 3 consecutive years.


9) Seoul, South Korea
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8) Copenhagen, Denmark

7) New York City, United States

6) London, UK

5) Paris, France

4) Geneva, Switzerland

3) Hong Kong, China

2) Zurich, Switzerland

1) Singapore

1) Singapore 2

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