Real Mermaid Rescue and release TV footage, Mermaids are real

Environment issues may face a challenge not only in land, but also in the sea. Accordingly, one question seems to ask whether you know who she is. Do you have seen her other videos?. She does truly swim under water and she has been known as advocate for wildlife sea beings. Maybe, she did not go under water just up till now cuz of the people fleeting by and she was possibly still a little traumatized up from nearly sinking. Note that it did not want to get hit in head recently. Mermaids were real and she met one in the Bahamas when to eat tofu and potato chips near a reef.
Actually, she wanna know more something about his species and why they were so doubting of her kind. The strangest part has been she had a cell phone, that is, we might exchange phone numbers; however, she never called him. The number she provided him was seemed to be wrong and he guessed she was not that into him after all.

Video 1, Real Mermaid Rescue and release TV footage

Video 2, Real Mermaid Footage in Japan Aquarium Live TV

Video 3, Mermaids are real!

Video 4, Real Mermaids Swimming Together!

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