Many features that Singapore did better than any other country will be modeled

Singapore is one of the most prosperous economic dragon in Southeast Asia and has been acknowledged that the legal system is also strictly controlled. Earnings for Singapore citizens, be better almost better than a number of European countries. More infrastructure,more is better Combined with his knowledge and moral citizens of Singapore as a model country in the region. A country where citizens have the highest revenue in Asia.More info :The Bnews

1 Artificial garden
Bay garden with plants and flowers, 500 000 different species from around the world. Spent 4 years and a budget of $ 1 billion to build it up.

Credit photo:The Bnews


2 Street food services
In addition to modern and luxurious hotel There is cheap food outlets everywhere have high hygiene.


3 world-class car circuit
Singapore used to host Formula One (F1), a world-class program.


4 Hotel with a ski and pool cleaner
Where the best skiing and swimming pool is Singapore’s luxurious rooftop Marina Bay Sands Hotel, which looks like aerial tankers.


5 Architecture inherited from the colonial era
Singapore is a country that maintain and preserve the architecture which is inherited from the colonial era. These buildings have been maintained until today.


6 Celebration
The country also has many religious mixture as Islam, Buddhism and Hindu religions Sikhims Christianity, all these factors make Singapore qualifying culture and religious festivals every year. Singapore has 4 official languages, including Chinese, English, Malay (Malay) and Tamil (Tamil), with a population of qualifying races.

7 There is parking in order
It Singapore where public parking lot, which is the most orderly and safe.


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