Kraken cruise ship would be nice monsters on future

Kraken is the name of a group of Design take huge giant sea creatures from the past 12th century, they were taken to new cruise ships that will be created by the company, based in Sweden. Credit: TheBnew
Kraken cruise ships will become monsters beautiful sea resorts spacious four different floors and have space for updates helicopter landing on the roof.
The new cruise ship will be 200 feet long, 60 meters wide and can reach speeds of 18 meters per second. Kraken cruise ship was designed by the same designer trucks vapor GT, which is a fast car can reach speeds of 290 kilometers per h. Leadership designer Eduard Gray of Gray Design, said the company wanted to create a model cruise ships like the car he ever both the shape and color of the two, it’s just a boat and another on the surface. So Kraken cruise ship with a length of 60 meters and a height of 30 meters would be nice monsters sea in the future.
Credit photo: dailymail


Source: dailymail

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