If Skreemr true or success, travel from London to New York in just 30 minutes

For 12 years ago that the aircraft speed Concorde became the world’s fastest aircraft, which can fly at speeds up to Mach 2.04, equivalent to 2179 kilometers per hour.Credit: TheBnew
But in the future there will be other aircraft flying faster than the Concorde doubled speed. Another new project in the production of high-speed aircraft, which is faster than the volume up to 10 were designed aircraft that is named this Skreemr. Charles Bombardier and Ray Mattison has designed Skreemr prototype that will run on Magnetic Railgun System, which can fly at speeds of 10 or March 1, 2349 kilometers per hour that is, faster than the Concorde to 5 times. Skreemr will be designed to be smaller, lighter than before, which comes with 4 wings and passengers 75. So if this project can be outline shape to travel from New York to London, UK in just 30 minutes.
Credit photo: dailymail


Source: dailymail

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