Following some future work will use robots to replace humans


The rapid development of technology has produced a robot with intelligent software can communicate with other people and be able to work instead. Thus, scientists have predicted that in the future robots may work force Lot.Via:The Bnews

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1 nurses
Functional robots to replace workers, nurses care for the patient, such as a joke played songs serve food to patients.


2 Disaster rescue
It’s heavy and those who survived efficient and faster than humans. China has already produced a robot that can work during a flood or fire nuclear explosions, earthquakes, etc.


3 surgeon
Machinery designed to surgery in the hospital were seen effective than surgery because they entered the program to measure a specific effective tool.


4 Cleaner
Robots for cleaning up public places more better because they reduce the risk to your life cleaning up the streets.


5 lawyer
This work will have to be replaced by robots because robots can upload files and quickly search and analyze faster than the human brain.


6 customer Service
Xiaoi robot launched in Jiangsu, China’s mobile, it is possible to answer questions from customers via email.


7 served in the restaurant
Robot designed to serve multiple functions, such as restaurant meals, guests can make noodles, and for entertainment.


8 factory workers
Daily work routine will likely be replaced by a robot in future. The use of robots as the best option for companies that can reduce the salaries of workers in recent years.


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