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As many overheavy woman, morosely overweight Natalie Werrett seemed to hate her 24 stone main part and did the lot she could have to cover her swelling body. However, next meeting ‘chubby-chaser’ hubby Liam, the mum of one from Norfolk has educated to hold her gargantuan curve and recently and now she was flashing the flab online.
Basically, Curvaceous Natalie, 29, was stressed by friends including family and ex-boyfriends to try a stream of fad diets to come down weight. Note that the weight loss left her sadness and miserableness.
Yet, after meeting ‘chubby-lover’ husband Liam, 30, Natalie steadily educated to love her chubby frame and now has a legion of ‘fat-worshipping’ fans which pour over the cheeky photos she posted on fat-admiring websites. This is your life did with it what you would it did not fit to your friends family or significant other. Likewise, he said previous might you rather die undertaking what you love or die doing people recalled you to be fuck others be yourself. Positive, you ought not to trust the mass media they only echo the bad never the good.


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