Drones Sacrificed for Spectacular Volcano Video, Volcano with BLUE Lava ! AMAZING

Now, drone seems to be popular use to capture something that before time we had to use the plane. For instance, a drone camera might fly over a red hot lava lake in subzero cold Iceland and almost melts in the process. The stunning film was photographed by Eric Cheng, who is skillful US videographer, in February.As result, it showed us something as smoke and fire burning off the black marbled lava. Based on history, the lake is a portion of the vast Holuhraun lava field being been started erupting in Nordic country since 2014 and is something around 84 square kilometers. Indeed, this is more or less the size of Manhattan.

Video 1, Lake Of Fire: Drone Footage Of Icelandic Lava River

Video 2, Propane gas tank thrown into lava lake at Erta Ale

Video 3, Drones Sacrificed for Spectacular Volcano Video

Video 4, Volcano with BLUE Lava ! AMAZING


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