AS2 plane which can fly from London to New York, only 3 hours

AS2 commercial aircraft will be a passenger plane fast speed of number 2 after the plane Concorde flights were suspended as long as well.Credit: TheBnew
AS2 commercial aircraft is capable of carrying passengers from London to New York for 3 hours and can fly from Los Angeles to Tokyo in 6 hours. Airbus and Aerion is in production insurance, and if things go as planned, AS2 will enable commercial aircraft test flight in 2021 and passenger flights in 2023. AS2 commercial aircraft can fly at a speed of 1 960 km per hour, speed of about Concorde, which able at a speed of 2 170 km and can carry 12 passengers, while the package amount will be spent on this project amounted to $ 100 million.
Credit photo: Businessinsider




Source: Businessinsider

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