Amazing man, Parachute Hooked To The Skin

Josh is a tourist from the USA, he visited Thailand in Ton SaiKrabi province Thailand he felt most retail who have visited here, and where he thinks are the perfect fit for every tourist. What strange today that he will do a great thing that everyone can not do like him. We might think that he was a madman who likes to do things different deadly harm ourselves look really almost did not dare to think.He took the key steel poured into his skin back to stay with the parachute, then climb up the top mountain about 150 meters, He jumped down by the unexpected success, You may think this is magic, or however it is a reality that all of us can see obvious, Many people do not dare to even look at his present capacity. Please everyone, do not want to learn to do that, and you may want to ask whether he had any pain, Certainly for us, no doubt pain will no way to do stupid things like this, but for people who enjoy the magic, they will understand that it’s an important retail enjoyable as well as want to try to create something new to the world dangerous horror amazing really popular for visitors.
Why he can do really great. Thank you for visiting and we will bring in many other diverse.

(Video) Amazing man, Parachute Hooked To The Skin

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