8 scientists, which is famous in history helped to change the world untill today

We all recognize clearly the work of all of them left behind a lot of new generations and an invaluable.Via: The Bnews

1 Aristotle
Aristotle, the famous Greek philosopher born in 384 BC, A famous philosopher physics poem Logic political rhetoric ethics and biology have been implemented to date. He spent almost his life to the study of science.
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2 (Sir Isaac Newton)
Newton was born on December 25, 1642 British family farmers. He was a famous philosopher of physics, mathematics, astronomy and natural, These theories have been used until now.


3 (Galileo Galilei)
Galileo was born in 1564, the Italian astronomer, including philosophers, physics, engineering and mathematics. He is regarded as the father of physics and astronomy.


4 Charles Robert Darwin
Charles Darwin was born in1809. He was a British philosopher, naturalist and geology.


5 (Albert Einstein) Einstein was born in
1879 was a German scientist Einstein’s theory has been regarded as a revolutionary development of physics and was awarded the Noble Prize in physics in 1921 on an explanation of the physics theorem Photoelectric Effect.


6 (Thomas Edison)
Edison was born in1847, Edison created many tools that greatly influence the everyday life around the world,Sound recorder camera photo, video camera, and lights.


7 Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta
Volta is a philosopher of physics and chemistry in Italian born1745. He is the innovative electric battery first called Voltaic pile, which was founded in 1799 after steel has begun development on the creation of the electric bulb.


8 Louis Pasteur
Pasteur was born in 1822 Chemistry and micro-biological anthropologist (microbiologist) and find the type of drug and vaccine for some of the killed virus. He became famous scientists of medicine.


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