8 great technology will make the world be surprised in the future!

While humans can’t really know about the magic of projection technology will reach the full extent, but they can also see some of turning technological progress soon walk from time to time in recent years. Here are some of the new technologies they expect to be able to.More info :The Business News

១ Camera Eye of Gaia great capacity to 1 billion pixels gene

Credit photo : The Business News


2 The aircraft can operate without using gasoline powered solar (Solar):


3 Major ship breaking ice for use in high-tech polar: currently being European scientists in advanced research and development in order to facilitate traffic on the big ice surface to the other ships traveling.


4 City of countries will be equipped with modern technology to control temperature and exploit renewable energy from the sun (Solar)


5 3D printer can produce various items


6 Trip into space will get very interesting.


7 Woolly Mammoth Elephant will happen again: Japan’s biological development center Riken elephant breeding research project that has been in existence for thousands of years and have been extinct.


8 The car does not crash (crash-proof car)



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