8 famous mountains that the most dangerous in the world

Here are 8 high mountains which has been found has inspired many climbers have died, more than any other mountain These are the list .Via:The Bnews

1 Mount Annapurna I, Nepal
Is the most dangerous because mountain glaciers collapsed and killed 34 percent of hiking when they come back with a height of 8 091 meters In southern Nepal.
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2 K2, Pakistan
K2 mountains bordering Pakistan and China With interest rates climbing 29% died 8 481 meters tall Is the 2nd most dangerous mountain in world.


3 Nanga Parbat mountain region Kashmir
8 126 meter tall mountain climbing death rate up to 21% because of broken ice and a lack of sufficient oxygen at its peak. A mountain accident in 3rd class.


4 Dhaulagiri I
This mountain was named as the biggest and most dangerous mountain with a height of 8 167 meters and is one of the most difficult mountain among other mountains. 16% fatality rate because of ice came crashing down under.


5 Kanchenjunga
Kanchenjunga in India, has a height of 8 586 meters. Climbing 15 percent died due to unfavorable weather conditions in the mountain, especially when it’s near the top.


6(Manaslu) Nepal
climber about 10% died of broken ice. High levels, with high cliffs with large thick ice, and it is considered as the 6th most dangerous mountains.


7 Gasherbrum I
8 068 meters tall, it is the most dangerous mountain, among many other mountains in the world Climbing 9 percent died while hiking.


8 (Makalu)
Macau Lutheran mountain bordering Nepal and China. Height of 8 481 meters, 100of climbing 9 people were killed while traveling up hill. It is the 5th largest mountain in the world.

Sourc photo:TheRichest.com

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