7 reasons why Facebook is doing a good job than Google

1)Facebook gives more pleasing than Google
Staff working for the two tech giants are fun, but the Facebook has won on Google staff preferred up to 93% compared with Google’s 84% satisfied with the job, according to a survey PayScale.​ Credit:TheBnew.
2)They get more freedom
There are many factors that have to share the fun, but one thing that is important is that Facebook is confident staff themselves. Don Faul, a former manager at Facebook, said that compared with Google, Facebook, focusing on the strengths of each employee to their abilities more than Google, which focuses on leadership roles.

Capture_2016_02_11_09_55_30_602Credit photo: business insider
3)work in the company received more income than Google
The average salary for employees with experience in Facebook is $ 135000, compared to Google’s $ 133000. For internship at Facebook gets $ 7400, rehearsals at Google only $ 7200 per month.
4)Work at Facebook less stress
Facebook has been known as a company that employs less boring or stressful jobs, Facebook is the best technology company in other technology companies that employs less boring or stressful work.
5)The staff at Facebook think they are full of meaning
Do your job every day, really make the world better? This is a question that asked by PayScale to Facebook and Google’s staff. 81% of Facebook employees say they really help make the world a better, while 67% of Google employees say they really help make the world better.
6)the process of Recruitment less difficult
Recruitment process to work at Google takes an average of 6 weeks and phases of the interview is more difficult than Facebook . Google has the best recruiting the most prominent but offering them a lower level.
7)Facebook offers many benefits to the staff workers, especially pregnant women and birth
Facebook and Google are great benefits to the employees themselves as offering free office environment work lively easy to travel from place to stay in the workplace. Facebook is a 1st technology company that provides food and allowances added to the baby, such as water for scoring $20000 net cash provided Newborn $ 4 000 female employees who birth.
Source:business insider

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