Bravely girl jump, Russian woman doing bungee jumping without a rope

This is so surprisingly that one man who has been already 73 years old, but he was daredevil Brit via setting a new bungee jumping record. His is former cabbie Ray Woodcock who might set a new British and potential world record for the highest jump with a full body submersion into water a leap from 465ft. Note that the jump occurred in Chepstow Quarry that has been known as the site of the highest bungee jump in the UK. Furthermore, Ray might plunge into the freezing cold water below being watched by partner heather.Through using the waterproof EE Action Cam that secured to his chest, Ray might be able to live stream the stunt to his children and grandchildren back home. Based on his talent and skill, currently Ray’s unbelievable leap was being reviewed by Guinness World Records. However, he needed to get health and safety measures and completely a full medical assessment before being jumped.more relate videos,

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Video 4, Russian woman doing bungee jumping without a rope

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