6 women who are considered the biggest powers in the world in 2015

According to Forbes magazine’s report, published in 2015, showed the strongest women in all sectors of the top around the world. .Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel maintained her position as a first-class women in the world since 2014.More info :The Bnews

១ Chancellor Angela Merkel
At the age of 60, she graduated with a Master of Science and PhD from the University of Leipzig Unversity.

Credit photo :The Bnews

2 Mrs. Hillary Clinton
Former US Secretary of one of the finest in the now 67-year-old. Ranked as the second most powerful woman of the world’s 2. She is currently a US presidential candidate in 2016.


3 Ms Melinda Gates
Her 50-year-old Melinda Gates Foundation is the wife of Bill Gates the world’s richest billionaires. .She is president of the Foundation Cochair, bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and is also a businessman. Women Forbes magazine ranked as the most powerful woman on Tier 3.


4 Ms Janet Yellen
She is currently president of the US Federal Reserve Bank Washington. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in arts and science from Brown University and a PhD from Yale University.


5 Ms Mary Barra
At present women as the chief executive of General Motors, who graduated Master of Business Administration from Stanford Graduate School of Business and a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences from the University of Kettering.


6 Ms. Christine Lagarde
She is currently a managing director Christine Lagarde Monetary Fund, or IMF. She graduated with a Master of Arts from the Institute Institut d’etudes politiques d’Aix-en-Provence. 59-year-old Forbes magazine ranked her as the most powerful woman ranked 6th in the world.


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