5 great places to stay for the New Year

Here’s a place to stay, with a view of natural elegance should be want to stay at the occasion of the New Year. Credit TheBnew
5. Honolulu, Hawaii: staying in the resort of infrastructure seafront, which costs $ 3,819 per night
4. Steamboat Springs in Colorado: The ski resort will have four bedrooms, which cost $ 4,167 per night
3. Saint Bart: offer tubs with three bedrooms cost $ 4,929 per night
2. Vail, Colorado: a penthouse of the building gondola and chairlift, which cost $ 5,198 per night
1. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic: the most expensive real estate on Airbnb for the new year on the beach, which cost $ 2,720 per night.
Honolulu, Hawaii
Credit photo:business insider
Steamboat Springs in Colorado
Saint Bart
Vail, Colorado
Punta Cana

Source: business insider

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