4 billionaire did not finish school but can success full

The study is very important for the development of self and national development. Considerable achievements and modern technology comes from learning.
However, in this world, there are also some individuals may find success in life, and many wealthy hall while they learn is not the end of the final degree. Please introduce knowledge of individuals following the 4.Via:The Bnews
Sourc:The Richest
4 (Michael Dell) Dell owner
He was born in 1965 in Texas (Texas), United States. Trade preferences since he was so young, 15-year-old when he bought a computer, and he falls in production. While studying at the University of Texas, he quit school . now he a billionaire, There are more than 18 billion dollars.

3 (Mark Zuckerberg) as the owner of Facebook There are more than 34 billion dollars.
born in1984 in the US state of New York. He was considered the youngest billionaire and Internet entrepreneurs the most prominent in the world for the time being. He has a passion to write software and programming games, He decided to drop out of school by the second to take the time to finish writing his software.
2 (Larry Ellison) is the owner of Oracle, He was born in1944.There are more than 54 billion dollars While in high school he excelled in science and mathematics. He enrolled at the University of Illinois. Learn two years, he stopped going to school, In 1977, he collaborated with another buddy joint venture company Oracle. The company’s sales of both hardware and software. Today, Eli Benson is the world’s 5th richest.
1 Bill Gates, owner of Microsoft
There are more than 80 billion dollars, Bill Gates studied a bachelor’s degree in computer science at Harvard University (Harvard) and leave study before graduate to do business.
Sourc:The Richest & Business Insider

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