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North Korea is a country famous for the world now based on recent political problems in making an impression to people around the world. As reported by the website TheBnews showed that North Korea has the economic situation is in a table of the poorer countries among the countries in Asia as the country at the border each South Korea turned economies ranked in the country has the strongest among the countries in Asia. So to know a lot more from this isolation country please see some images. If you’ve n ever been to North Korea, Mr: Reuben Teo will show the places through pictures below.Credit: boredpanda.com
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26Mid Autumn Festival celebration at Juche Tower
All images credit: reubenteo.com

1The Grand Monument at Mansu Hill

2Mansudae Grand Monument

3Sunset view overlooking the Grand People’s Study House

4Juche Tower & Kim Il Sung Square

5Study Hall in the Grand People’s Study House

6The city of Pyongyang

7A farmer and his child at the Chonsam Cooperative Farm

8National Day celebration outside Kim Il Sung Stadium

9Monument to Party Founding

10Monument to the 3 Charters of Reunification

11Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in Panmunjom

12Kumsusan Palace of the Sun

13Kaesong City

14Ullim Waterfall, Wonsan

15The city of Wonsan

16Taehwa Peak at Masikryong

17The city of Pyongyang

18Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum

19Aerial view of North Korea

20Pyongyang Sunan International Airport Airstrip

21Mount Paektu

22Heaven Lake of Mount Paektu

23The Grand Monument at Samjiyon

Sunrise in Pyongyang

25Pyongsong City
All images credit: reubenteo.com

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