16 great theaters around the world

Watching movies always vary. Now we can watch movies all the time, everywhere, even on the beach. Credit: TheBnew
Floating theater, a modern offers beautiful scenery from the back of the port in Sydney, Australia.
Today we will bring fans to know the great movie theaters in 16 places around the world:
1.The film, along with hot tubs to watch movies on the screen, such as in London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, New York and Ibiza. You can book the whole hot tubs to share with your friends.
Credit photo: Businessinsider
2.Enjoy watching movies in June and July in the magnificent church Karlskirche in Vienna, Austria, during the period of celebrating a feast in the Karlsplatz.
3.Cinema is located edible London’s great theaters, and all the guests who visit and get a box cake, mysterious scenes of the film’s premiere.
4. Cinema Ritrovato screened a series of films 400, which is located in Bologna, Italy.
5. Cinema floating water is an art and a theater that traveled downstream of London and the UK, and is often performed in the east of the University of Queen Mary in London, where the most popular and became a fund charitable King Cross.
6. Screening on the monument include screened nine summer with movie celebrities from satisfied fans all the screenings are all included at the concert and live performances from comedian zone Morrison, Colorado.
7. Cinema Sci-Fi Dine-In is a restaurant located in the Walt Disney World Florida with modern technology and a movie followed by driving a car that created the past along with the food and the chance to taste delicious.
8. Situated in South Wales, United Kingdom Sol is a cinema theater that utilizes solar energy that can accommodate 8 guests and can be seen everywhere, and every movie that lasts from 1 minute to 10 minutes.
9. You can visit the differences according to the type of film, such as film, which is independent and documentary while guests are concentrated with luxurious interior of designer lights and theaters Cineteca Madrid dedicated himself to show the production real thing in Madrid, Spain.
10. DokuFest International Cinema and Short Film which was founded in Prizren state. Kalaja was selected theaters, where organizing a festival to show the elegance of the city.
11. Cinema Archipelago built as part of a festival of films on rock Noah Yao, Kudu island Thailand. After the festival is over budget were to be donated to the Association of Noah Yao was observed place.
12. Film screening, a field in Singapore of Nature Fort Canning Park and a combination of award-winning films with food, wine tasting opportunities and a meaningful relaxation.
13. Cinema St. George OpenAir is located on the harbor of Sydney, Australia, airing every January and February each year.
14. Alamo Drafthouse theater first opened in Austin, Texas, and is located in a big city like Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Kansas City. This theater is known that there are strange and boozy drinks, which is very popular for adults.
15. Coney Island Flicks theaters, causing visitors to enjoy and watch movies on the beach free from early June until the end of August on the shores of Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York.
16. warmth on sack beans covered by a blanket and taste wine tasting followed by a movie on the beach club Amante St. Eulalia, Ibiza, Spain. Between May and October the screenings the night decorated attracted by big rocks and green plants.

Source: Businessinsider

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