10 Natural areas Heritage properties most beauty around the world who see feel make life change


Until the day UNESCO had recorded The heritage property area to official list 1007 places. among these have two kinds of heritage, Achievement fathers Heritage and Natural Heritage. Today we please to show you the most beauty 10 places where our earth make it self. More info: The Business News

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1 The national park Goreme in history area Cappadocia of Turkey happened by volcanic eruptions.

2 Plitvice Lakes at Croat national park, is the oldest lake in south-east Europe and biggest lake were Between Mala Kapel & Pljesevica mountains.

3 National park Canaima situated Venezuela along the border of Brazil and Guyana, there Angel Falls (water fall) height to 979 meters.

4 archipelago along the beach Tonkin northern Vietnam country, total many small islands 1600.

5 Natura’s cliffs Hierapolis-Pamukkale situated at Denizli province of Turkey.

6 (Victoria Fall) water fall along border line of Zambia and Zimbabwe country. nick name this water fall is Devil’s Pool.

7 Tongariro National park on the island of New Zealand, this oldest park where born out from volcanic eruptions leaving become a lake green color .

8 according to UNESCO Great Smoky Mountains national park stretch the Tennessee and Carolina state of USA there grow all types of trees.

9 Lguazu national park located northeast Argentina along Brazil’s border.

10 Yellowstone national park located between Wyoming and Montana state is the place slots Released hot water most biggest in world and gather rich Wildlife.

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