10 locations animals Is still the owner of the Empire comfortable living


In each year Human activity impact on the environment especially deforestation Many kinds of wildlife habitat loss others perished Extinction Gradually. Although such if they look to 10 places we observed that many species are living a lot considerable.More info :The Business News

1 Sea Lions (Seal Island), South Africa
Small rock in the sea along the coast of South Africa’s displaced some 60,000 species sea lions head, which is known as the island (Seal Island). In addition fauna Seal Island wings many bird species of dolphins and whales.

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2 Monkey Island, Libya
Islands in Libya called Monronvia is known as a major habitat of the monkeys in the West African region as a chimpanzee more than 60 tribes living there.


3 Island Cat, Japan
Tashirojima Japanese Island located in the Pacific Ocean is the heavenly hierarchy for the cat species to live. Despite the presence of cats is more overwhelming than the number of people who have made this island has become a major tourist destination for tourists to visit.


4 (Rabbit Island), Japan
Okunoshima is a small island of Japan where manufacturers and major toxic gas during World War II. .After the war ended, many rabbits were released and some have been killed by their chemical experiments. Current rabbit that was left after the war, have children and live all over the island and has been known as the Rabbit.


5 (Snake Island) Brazil
Iiha de Quenimada Grande Island Brazil is a good place for those who like to visit the snake. On a square meter of land can have a snake head from 1 to 5, and those who go there, most of biology.


6 (Fox Village), Japan
Fox Village is called Zao Fox Village whenever they are displaced foxes 6 different types of species and hundreds more are living there. This location is in Japan in Miyagi, and visitors can feed into playing rugby.


7 (Assateague Island), USA
A variety of wild horses, commonly known as Assateague Horses have lived along the coast has a length of 60 kilometers, was named to Assateague Island. The area is located in the state of Mary Elaine (Maryland), United States, along the eastern coast, and visitors can go to see the annual Festival Annual Pony Penning Day on the island of Assateague Island every year.


8 (Crab Island) in Christmas Island
Christmas Island is a small island, but the rich variety of red crabs, about 40 to 50 million head, hiding in the tunnel and in between the rocks. .If tourists want to visit the large crowd crabs during the rainy season between October and November is the time a crab move.


9 (Pig Beach) Hamas (Bahamas)
Along the coast of an uninhabited island has become a place where the pigs live and occupy the beach called (Pig Beach) will be known as Major Cay, located in the region Exuman Bahamas.


10 (Penguin Island), Australia
On Macquarie Island, located in the west-south of the Pacific Ocean between New Zealand and Antarctica is the largest habitat of marine fauna Pegnuin. UNESCO (UNESCO) has incorporated a Resource because it is the only place in the Pacific region, which has a battery life sprang from the sea.


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