10 countries of the world’s citizens are living in most happiness

4th report on citizenship happiness over the world will be held at the United Nation International Happiness Day festivities on March 20. But among the 10 countries, 150 were found and as the citizens are better off than they were by the program this is based on 6 key factors such as the total annual revenue expected to support social credibility of the government the freedom to decide and other trusted individuals.

10) Sweden, Citizens vote to 82 percent satisfied with their lifestyle. Credit: TheBnews

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9) Australian citizens vote to 92% satisfied with their lifestyle.
8) New Zealand is a country where citizens are expected to live to the age of 81 by the greenhouse gas emission rates are lower because rate citizens.
7) The Netherlands is also a country where citizens are expected to live up to 81 years.
6) Canada has the highest freedom among 142 countries, and life expectancy up to 81 years.
5) Finland is a country with the lowest corruption rates highly literate rate gap smaller revenue expectations to live up to life 80 years.
4) Norwegian, citizens no jobless and have higher levels of education and life expectations to live up to 81 years.
3) Even Iceland’s gross domestic product the person is low, only $ 47461, but the expected life People in this area up to 83 years.
2) Switzerland is one of the lowest crime rates in the world and the expected life of the citizens up to 82 years.
1) Denmark was ranked as the world is happier in number 1, Depending on factors such as health, employment, political freedoms take a vacation and expect to live to 80 years.

Source:  Businessinsider.com

10) Sweden
Images credit: Businessinsider.com

Lucerne, Switzerland 2.

9) Australian

8) New Zealand

7) The Netherlands

6) Canada

5) Finland

4) Norwegian

3)  Iceland

2) Switzerland

1) Denmark
Images credit: Businessinsider.com

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