10 cities in the world’s worth of goods and services cheaper for living

10) Caracas, Venezuela have a difficult economic situation affected the exchange rate.
9) Damascus, Syria, due to geopolitical instability let citizens out of many areas.
8) New Delhi, India, a city ideal for India but the city has the lowest value for the world.
7) Karachi, Pakistan, transportation, food services, entertainment, housing is cheaper and cheaper, but high crime rates. Credit: Bnews
6) The city of Chennai, India, a city that has pretty much anarchy in India.
5) Capital Algiers, a city which is famous white buildings, food, transport in cheap.

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4) Almaty, Kazakhstan, home prices and the goods lowest for the country.
3) Mumbai, India, a city with a population up to 18.4 million people, and is also a city rich billionaires However, food, transportation, housing prices are lowest.
2) The Indian city of Bangalore, a city known collectively by India’s technology companies, but the price for all inventory on the market are lowest price.
1) Lusaka Zambia is the largest city and capital of the country, but prices on the market are cheap transport fees study also is more cheap.
Source: businessinsider.com

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10) Caracas, Venezuela

9) Damascus, Syria

8) New Delhi, India

7) Karachi, Pakistan

6) The city of Chennai, India

5) Capital Algiers

4) Almaty, Kazakhstan

2) The Indian city of Bangalore

1) Lusaka Zambia

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